Uncovering the

Universal Potential

of Childhood III.

The online Montessori conference

ended on 21st of November 2021. 

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Uncovering the

Universal Potential

of Childhood III.

Online Montessori Conference

15–21 November, 2021


The conference is now over. Thank you so much for joining us!

The conference is now over! What a journey ❤️. I hope you took full advantage of these amazing free lectures and you are full of inspiration, new knowledge and insight. 

Don't forget - knowledge is only powerful if you are actually using it in practice with your children. Allow yourself time, try a couple of things you learned, give yourself grace if you make mistakes! Have the courage to be imperfect. And keep on learning!

Thank you so much again for joining us. We are receiving beautiful feedback and we are so energized by it! It really makes us so happy to see so many people affected in a positive way. See you next time!

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Join the global Montessori event!

They say that third time's a charm! 

This is our third time organizing the conference Childhood Potential and we are still very excited about spreading the Montessori message. That is why we keep the event FREE for everyone to join.

We truly believe that limited funds should not stop anyone from learning and discovering the potential of the Montessori Method. We believe that a prepared adult is a key to Montessori and we want to share the wisdom and experience of our dear speakers with as many parents and educators as we can - across the globe, we are on this Montessori journey together! 

15–21 November, 2021
of exclusive video-content
from around the world

Program and speakers

Video sessions with the following guest speakers will be streamed online over the course of seven days, on 15–21 November, 2021. The recordings will be available each day for 24 hours starting at 9am CET. In addition, Lifetime Pass holders can join a live Q&A Zoom session at the end of each conference day.

Dr. Amira Mogaji

Diversity, inclusion and equity

Amy Dorsch

Following the Child: The Montessori Infant


A Day in the Life of Montessori With Twins

Ann Epstein

Heartful Inclusion of Montessori Learners with Exceptionalities

Ashley Causey-Golden

Afrocentric Montessori: Connecting Ancestry and Indigenous Ways of Caring and Teaching to the Montessori Philosophy

Ashley Yeh

Beyond the Shelf: 10 Things Your Montessori Child ACTUALLY Needs!

Ashton Jean-Pierre

How to introduce sandpaper letters/numbers using sign bilingualism approach

Aubrey Hargis

Unleashing Creativity with Montessori

Barbara Luborsky

Building Capacity for Montessori Inclusion with a Social Pediatric Developmental Approach

Barbara Murphy, PhD

Growing in the Rain: A Montessori Wellness Perspective

Blanca Velazquez-Martin

Nurturing the child's growth mindset

Charlotte Cushman

During These Turbulent Times What is the One Thing a Child Needs to Know?

Charlotte Snyder

Listen and Observe: Tools for Communicating with Children

Chip de Lorenzo

Why Do They Do That? Understanding the Roots of Misbehavior

Chris Willemsen

Innovation makes a leader stand out

Claudia Mann

How to Really Know Your Child: Observation and Transformation for Parents of Preschoolers

Dina Ahmed

“The story of elements” How to spark your child’s interest in Chemistry from their early years through elementary

Ferne Van Zyl

Toileting the Montessori Way - The Role of the adult

Gabriela Velázquez

The importance of movement in the foundation of healthy risk-taking for children under three

Gabrielle Kotkov

Learning a Second or Third Language in the First Plane of Development

Gavin McCormack

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Haley Turner

Striving for Collaboration - Positive Parenting Tools

Holly Daniel

Reduce Power Struggles By Preparing Your Home

Jasmine Ong

All Your Prepared Environment Questions Answered (and a Shelf Tour)

Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Understand your Child’s Behavior and Create Lifelong Connections

Jesse McCarthy

Handling Strong Emotions, The Child’s & Our Own

Jo Wilson

The magic of Montessori approach in water

Joanna Faber

How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen: Your questions answered

Joy Marilie Jackson

Why Montessori ideologies should be made mainstream

Junnifa Uzodike

4 Planes of development

Julie King

How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen: Your questions answered

Dr. Joyce S. Pickering

Combining Montessori method with therapeutic strategies for students with learning differences

Karin Slabaugh

Your arms are the womb for the second embryonic life: the basic needs of babies

Lynda Apostol

The Montessori Influence: Demystifying Montessori Lingo

Maren Schmidt

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Mary Ellen Maunz

Finding the Balance of Liberty and Discipline

Michael Dorer

The Sensory Bridge

Michelle Lane-Barmapov

Combining Montessori method with therapeutic strategies for students with learning differences

Monisha Monikantarajan

Supporting the child's sensitive period for language at home

Dr. Paul Epstein

Observe to learn ..and not correct!

Simone Davies

4 Planes of development

Sony Vasandani

Time to Play!

Sylvia Arotin

10 Guiding Montessori Principles & Overcoming the Challenges we face

Timothy Seldin

Montessori for every family

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

The Whole-Brain Child in Action for 0-6: Your biggest questions answered

Val Alino

Caring Begins With Self-Care

The conference is aimed at:


As a parent, you will learn more about Montessori philosophy, age-appropriate activities, and ways to prepare your home. You will learn how to adapt materials to your specific needs, family, and culture.


As a teacher, you will learn ways to deepen your understanding of children and gain new ideas for preparing your environment. By seeing how Montessori is applied in various countries and cultures, you will appreciate the universal potential of each child.

School Administrators

A school administrator does not work directly with children but works to support them. At this conference, you will learn effective ways to better support your teachers and community.

What makes this conference unique?

It's FREE!

During the conference, the presentations will be free for everyone to watch! We believe that limited funds should not stop the powerful potential that comes from understanding the Montessori Method.

It's online!

Online speakers will share their wealth of knowledge in a more accessible way. This conference has the potential to reach people and communities that would otherwise find it difficult to attend a typical conference.

It's cultural!

Speakers from all over the world will come together to share their expertise and culture. We will experience the universal nature of the Montessori Method, including how it can be applied in a multitude of cultures.

It has amazing speakers

Our speakers are experienced Montessorians with decades of teaching and consulting, authors of best-selling books, international trainers or passionate teachers. We cannot thank enough each one of them for participating and sharing their knowledge with our audience.

Be part of a community

Our closed facebook group becomes very lively during the conference week. You can talk with other like-minded people, discuss your experience, ask questions. We believe you will find our community welcoming and helpful, with members from all over the world.

Help us to help

We will donate part of the profit from the conference to help Montessori schools who take care of children in less advantaged parts of the world. Because, as Nelson Mandela said, "education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

 “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”


What our attendees say

I can't thank you enough for organizing this conference! I feel as if I'm reading the best book in my life. I don't know how you managed to find all these amazing people who gave so much effort and love in their presentations. I'm sure it wasn't easy, so I applaud your efforts and truly appreciate your time to do this. I'm so blessed to be part of it and for sure I have recommended to all my friends and posted on social media.
I signed up for the free option but ended up upgrading to the paid option because I was already behind due to technical difficulties. Best Choice I have made. I am very thankful for everyone who added fun bonuses for us members!
I am thoroughly enjoying the workshop and taking my time to understand a lot of new things which I am hearing from the experts. They are living God, what a treasure of knowledge they have and how profound their experiences are. I feel really blessed to hear from them and you guys have made it so convenient for everyone bringing into the common platform.
I'm loving all the knowledge I've gained from all the speakers I've been staying up late and watching nearly all .This is invaluable knowledge. Thank you so much i'm eternally grateful.So much to learn still.
Thank you and the team for your efforts behind organizing this wonderful and very informative conference and giving an opportunity to the public to attend. The sessions were very insightful and helped in expanding my understanding. Hope i can look forward to more such events in the future.
Truly wonderful and full of fresh and awesome ideas given by these talented and experienced montessori experts make this conference a great opportunity to learn from the best. A Big thank you to all the organisers. I'm loving it and will definitely sign up for lifetime access.
All videos are amazing. All speakers are incredible!! Every day I am waiting eagerly for your email. I am very excited watching the presentations... Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. I have been hooked on since Monday. The plethora of experienced and insightful facilitators is such a blessing.
I am so excited to have the lifetime access to the conference with all the amazing speakers and their talks that I would love to gift some of my child’s teachers a lifetime membership. I know they will be excited as I am! Thank you so much for allowing me to tell our teachers how they have impacted our daughter’s and our family’s life! We are so grateful and privileged to have our child receive a Montessori education and can’t wait to watch more presentations to continue to help guide us as her parents.

Lifetime Access!

Lifetime Access will make your conference experience even richer! Consider the following benefits the Lifetime Access has over the free registration:

Unlimited Access

Get unlimited access to all the sessions with our world-class experts. Watch the videos any time from the comfort of your home and rewatch if needed. Get inspired at your own pace!

Downloadable audio

Learn on the go with all conference sessions converted into audio. Download them in MP3 format to your phone, music player, tablet or computer, and listen to them whenever you want ... simply anytime, anywhere.


We cannot issue certificates to the thousands of people who are attending the conference for free. That is why we have decided to issue a certificate of attendance only for those who buy the lifetime access and ask for it.


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Ask questions!

Make comments and ask questions under each one of the videos. Most of the speakers will make time and answer personally!

On top of that, Lifetime Access holders will get exclusive access to special LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS with the following speakers, where you can ask questions directly:

Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Wednesday 17.11. 11pm CET

Dr. Joyce S. Pickering

Tuesday 16.11. 7pm CET

Mary Ellen Maunz

Thursday 18.11. 6pm CET

Simone Davies

Monday 15.11. 8pm CET

Timothy Seldin

Friday 19.11.
3pm CET

Barbara Luborsky

Tuesday 16.11. 7pm CET

Michelle Lane-Barmapov

Tuesday 16.11. 7pm CET

Junnifa Uzodike

Monday 15.11. 8pm CET

Registration for free is now closed

The conference ended on 21st November 2021. The free registration is now closed

We were joined by 0 wonderful attendees! Thank you!

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Purchase the Lifetime access

Lifetime Access will give you the following benefits

  • Unlimited Access to all the lectures with no expiration date
  • Downloadable audio in MP3 format
  • Certificate of attendance on demand
  • Bonuses and discounts from speakers and sponsors
  • Exclusive Access to live ZOOM sessions
  • Possibility to get your questions answered directly by the speakers in the member section
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"Whoever touches the life of a child, touches the most sensitive part of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future."


About the conference

Through her work, Maria Montessori found that all children have an unlimited, unbiased and profound potential through what she called the Absorbent Mind. This potential is so profound that the only limits to a child are the limits of the environment in which they live and play.  

In any environment for children under six years of age, the role of the adult is the most important. We can best aid the child by preparing ourselves intellectually and spiritually. As caregivers, role models and guides, we will explore at this conference how to best prepare an oasis of peace for children, whether in a school, home, community or a homeschooling family.

Our conference goes beyond just preparing the environment. It fosters an understanding of how the mind of the child works and what it needs in any culture or place.

Montessori is a powerful global movement. It can uncover the universal potential of every child around the world.

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Our team

The conference is organized by a team of Montessori enthusiasts, teachers and parents.

Lucie Tamasova


Pavlina Tvrdikova

Influencers and Marketing

Lucie Hajkova

Speakers and Support

Leila Smeyatsky


Any questions? 

You can check out our support and FAQs page! And if you still miss your answers, please, get in touch with us.