Charlotte Snyder

Montessori Practice Q&A

Everything you want to know about implementing Montessori at home!

This live Q&A session will be on

30th of March, 2023


30th of March, 2023


8pm CET (Prague)
2pm EDT
11am PDT


Online on ZOOM

About the session

During this free event, Charlotte Snyder answered many different questions that came up from parents and educators. 

We talked about independence, social development, setting boundaries, tantrums, meltdowns, multilingual home, bullying, siblings... 

There was so much to share! 

Enjoy the session!



hosted by lifelong Montessorian

Charlotte Snyder

Do you...

  • have questions about Montessori and no one to ask?
  • want to implement the practices into your home, but are struggling with overwhelm and confusion?
  • want to know how to react to your child's behavior without yelling or punishing?
  • want to learn how to set boundaries and invite more cooperation?

No matter the question, Charlotte is here for you!

The entire session will be based on your questions!

During this free event, Charlotte will answer your questions and provide guidance on how to best implement Montessori into your home or school. 

The live session is happening on Sunday, March 28th, at 8pm CET (Central European Time). You can join us from anywhere in the world via Zoom. You will receive a Zoom link after registration.

Get To Know Charlotte

Charlotte Snyder has been a Montessorian almost her entire life.

As a child, she attended Montessori Elementary School in California. She completed her Primary Montessori training in 2010 at Montessori Northwest and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Education from Loyola University in Maryland. 

Charlotte is now Head of School at The Baan Dek Montessori in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

Her passion is in sharing Montessori philosophy and building relationships with families.

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