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Online Montessori Conference

4‚Äď8 May, 2022

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This is our fourth time organizing the conference Childhood Potential and we are still very excited about spreading the Montessori message. That is why we keep the event FREE for everyone to join. We truly believe that limited funds should not stop anyone from learning and discovering the potential of the Montessori Method.

We believe that a prepared adult is a key to Montessori and we want to share the wisdom and experience of our dear speakers with as many parents and educators as we can - across the globe, we are on this Montessori journey together! 

Everything you need to know about the conference

Save the date

4‚Äď8 May 2022

Promotion starts April 8, 2022

Free for everyone

The conference is free for everyone to join! We believe that limited funds should not stop the powerful potential that comes from understanding the Montessori Method.

Speakers and program

Speakers from all over the world will come together to share their expertise and culture

Click the microphone icon above to view the list of speakers and program

How it is organized

The conference is fully online to allow people from all over the world to join

Registration for the conference is available on the homepage

On the conference day, the presentations of the day will be free for everyone to watch

After the day is over, the lectures will be locked and only those with Premium Pass will be able to view them

Premium Pass

Premium Pass is available for purchase and is optional

Premium Pass allows access to 15 exclusive Live Masterclass sessions and unlimited one-year access to the pre-recorded videos

Premium Pass holders also get bonuses from partners, certificate of attendance on demand, downloadable audio and more

You help us help!

After the conference we pledge to donate part of the profit to Montessori projects in less advantaged parts and communities in the world.

If you have a Montessori school or project in your community which needs some help, please contact us at info@childhoodpotential.com!

Important dates and information for you

  • April 8th - Promotion period starts
    Promotion of the conference starts on April 8th.
  • Promotion emails
    You will be receiving a weekly promotion email with all of the information inside. We really try to make it as easy for you as possible!
  • May 4th - 8th
    Conference is taking place! Enjoy, learn from the videos and share your experience with your followers.

  • Premium Pass
    You will receive your Premium Pass on May 2nd 2022 or earlier.

Promotion Best Practice!

The best promotion is an authentic one! First and foremost, think about your own reasons why would you like to help support the conference and spread the Montessori message. If you are unsure about how to promote, here are some tips for you: 

  • Use your unique link
    Remember to use your unique link to help us track your promotion.
  • Newsletter
    Send an email to your database informing them about the conference. You can use the sample emails we provide or write your own.
  • Ad on your website
    If you wish to place a banner on your website, please contact us with the desired size in pixels and we will prepare it for you!
  • Social media posts
    You can make a post on Facebook, Instagram or some other social media channel. Which speaker are you most interested about? Which lecture are you looking forward to? Put your unique link in your bio or LinkTree.
  • Giveaway
    Would you like to do a giveaway? We will be happy to provide a free Premium Pass ticket to your followers. Please let us know in advance if you wish to do a giveaway!
  • Social media Stories
    Stories are a great way to promote. You can share your experience from the conference, post about the lectures, make a short video. You can also make a Stories Highlight on Instagram. If you have the option, use Swipe Up with your unique link.
  • Make a blog post
    You can write a blog post about the conference.
  • Make a vlog
    Do you have YouTube or Vimeo account? Feel free to make an invitation in the form of a video.
  • Groups and forums
    Feel free to make a post in a Facebook group or on a forum.

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Promotion resources

The promotional materials are all ready for you! We understand your time is limited and we value every single minute that you give to this project. That is why we have prepared not only visuals, but also sample texts for you. Feel free to use any materials you like.

The following link is your go-to place for all the materials. I suggest you bookmark it, so you can come back to it whenever you need. I will always notify you whenever there is any change in the materials or when anything is added. 

A summary of guidelines and ground rules: 

1) Try to make the promotion personal and authentic

While we have no issue with you using the sample texts and emails, a personal message from you is ALWAYS miles better than any text we can provide. Feel free to use your own photos as well!

Think about your own reasons why would you like to help us spread the message - perhaps it is your own past experience with the conference. Maybe you love the idea that the conference is free and truly anyone can join regardless of their limited funds.

Let your audience know your own WHY

2) Help us track the promotion

Please use the following tags and hashtags when promoting on social media: 

Facebook: @MontessoriParenting.org #montessoriconference #onlinemontessoriconference #childhoodpotential 
Instagram: @montessoriparenting_org #montessoriconference #onlinemontessoriconference #childhoodpotential

When sending out newsletter, please put us in hidden copy - again, this will help us to track the promotion as best as we can - info@childhoodpotential.com

3) Help us make the promotion beautiful

Please double check the format of the visuals you are sharing - Stories size to Stories, Newsletter size to email and so on. This way you can be sure your post or email will look great and the way it was designed to be. Thank you! 

4) Contact us whenever you have any issues or questions. We are here for you!


Do you have any questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@childhoodpotential.com
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You help us help!

We always plegded to donate part of the profit from the conference and our online courses to help Montessori schools who take care of children in less advantaged parts of the world. With deep respect and love, we are proud to present to you several projects we have chosen to support! 

If you have a Montessori school or project in your community which needs some help, please contact us at info@childhoodpotential.com!