Margaret Whitley:

What Can We Do? Preparation of the Adult

Montessori pedagogy depends on the interaction between the child, environment and the adult. Whether we are a parent, teacher, or both as a homeschooler, to be guided by Montessori requires we constantly work to undo the assumptions we might have about the children we work with and be present each moment to observe what they truly need or are ready for.  Dr Montessori spoke of being a saint, servant and scientist. We will discuss and explore what it means to be the saint, servant and scientist, what the challenges are as well as how to continue growth in all three areas.

Lecture details

Age group:  0-6
Lecture duration: 46 minutes
Date: November 2020


Margaret Whitley is a speaker, writer, Montessori consultant and lifelong learner.  After attending Montessori as a child and completing elementary teacher training in Italy, she spent more than 35 years in Montessori education, including teaching all levels of elementary and establishing the first Montessori middle school in Canada in 1988. She embraced many other roles in Montessori leadership including head of school, Montessori parent, teacher trainer and Director of School Accreditation.  Guided by her belief that all humans have incredible potential, she continues highlighting education that supports and celebrates community and individual’s uniqueness. Margaret is completing an educational memoir, A World of Difference.