Frank Leto:

Method to Music

Frank Leto shares his unique approach to passing on the language of music to young children. His method utilizes a multi-sensory approach that is designed to engage the child on many levels. Frank’s original songs are sung in an “echo”, or call and response. The songs also incorporate corresponding hand motions, making the experience fun and extremely engaging.

An appropriate music curriculum has many benefits for the young child, whether in the classroom or in the home.

Frank’s Method to music can give your child(ren) the gift of music.

Lecture details

Age group:  3-6
Lecture duration: 43 minutes
Date: November 2020


Frank Leto is an early childhood educator, a musician, a composer and a Montessori teacher who has been working in Montessori schools through out the country for 40 years. He is also a professional musician, Orff music teacher and steel band director. He brilliantly combines his skills as both teacher and musician to create a sound that children love! Frank’s music for children is exceptionally popular with teachers and parents throughout the United States. His music is designed to encourage children’s participation through singing, dancing, fingerplays, games and exercises. Frank has ten interactive, multicultural CD’s, two of which have won educational awards. Some of his music is also available in Spanish and Mandarin. He also has a curriculum book, “Method to Music” which outlines his unique approach to music education. Frank Leto travels nationally and internationally, presenting keynote speeches and workshops at educational conferences including the Music Educators Association (MEA), the Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC), the Chinese Montessori Society (CMS) and the American Montessori Society to name a few. Frank’s clinics promote his own approach to imparting the love of music on to children. His interactive workshops are designed for non-musicians. In the course of a single workshop, attendees are singing, dancing and playing instruments with a new sense of confidence. With newly learned skills, they enthusiastically return to the classroom and enrich the child’s musical environment.

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