Charlotte Snyder:

Technology and Montessori

When we hear “Technology and Montessori,” so many of us have an emotional response. We imagine materials being replaced by iPads, or needing to get a device into the hands of every child starting at two so they’re prepared for the future.
Regardless of our emotions surrounding technology, are there healthy, effective ways to use this tool with children, even with young children? This conversation will include notes specific to the current global pandemic with thoughts for families and educators with children in unique learning environments, such as temporary or permanent home schooling, distance learning, and blended formats.

Lecture details

Age group:  3-12
Lecture duration: 44 minutes
Date: November 2020


Charlotte Snyder is Head of School at The Baan Dek Montessori in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She attended Montessori through Elementary in California, and completed the Primary training at Montessori Northwest in 2010, and earned a Master of Education degree from Loyola University Maryland. She particularly enjoys sharing Montessori  philosophy and building relationships with families on Baan Dek’s blog and podcast.