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Memberships and Subscriptions:

Childhood Potential Club Membership

by Childhood Potential Club
Gain access to the #1 Montessori Hub for Parents & Educators committed to nurturing the limitless potential within every child, for just $1 for your first month. Dive into a vast collection of Montessori resources, expert personal guidance, and a supportive community, all designed to enhance your Montessori journey.
$39/month Value

1 Month Access to the Monthly Kids Activities Plan

by eMontessori From The Heart
Unlock a pre-planned, up-to-date activities calendar, designed for children ages 18 months to 6 years. Enjoy low to no-cost, simple-to-set-up activities for each day, focusing on hands-on learning and daily themes, including five days of learning and weekend crafts.
$15 / month value

Turning Within: 1-Month Free Membership to Live Mindfulness Sessions

by Paula Zhou
Join us for one month free membership to help turn within and conduct the most important observation of all! Daily (Monday to Friday) mindfulness sessions with Mindfulness & Montessori Teacher Paula Zhou.
$29 value

Free One Year Subscription to Montessori Classroom!

by Mobile Montessori
Mobile Montessori is delighted to offer this special bonus of a one year subscription to our Montessori Classroom app for Apple devices. With the app you'll experience an amazing variety of Montessori inspired activities for children ages 3 & Up. We endeavor to make screen time really count, and would love for you to work with it and share your feedback with us.
$50 value

Personal sessions and coaching

3 Personalized Sessions

by Montessori Together
3 personalized sessions just for YOU. Whether you're diving into homeschooling, navigating Montessori at home, or unraveling the secrets of language and math, let's take the next step together. Your questions, your journey, our guidance!
$150 Value

Conscious Strengths Based Habits for Families Bonus Package

by Inaki and Kit from Conscious Alchemy
Get a 30-minute complimentary call by appointment (Manila time zone) and free access to more video lessons on introduction to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families and building Strengths Based Families.
$149 value

A 60 minutes Parent Coaching Session

by Susan Tracy McDaniel, M.Ed., Learning Together Education
You are invited to book a one-hour parent coaching session with Susan to brainstorm solutions for behavior issues, daily routines, or other parenting issues. Susan has been a parent educator since 1989 and has raised five children using the Montessori approach.
$150 value

Free Consultation + PDF printables

by Emese Szanyi, Montessori Junior
Weather wheel, weather cards, weather chart by temperature, clothing stickers, routine chart, monthly calendar. You can print them out right away and use them in your home to help your child become empowered, capable, and independent.
+ 20-minute free consultation with Emese. Do you need extra support? Ask your questions about the home environment, Montessori parenting, or other discipline challenges.
$50 value

Email Consultation

by Ashley Causey-Golden, Afrocentric Montessori
Have a question about centering Black students within your Montessori approach? Ask Ashley! She will include links along with responses for additional learning, if applicable. One question per registered participant.
$50 value

Printables and lesson plans

Practical Life Activities - Inspiration for Parents

Discover a collection of easy-to-implement, Montessori-inspired activities for children aged two to four, complete with step-by-step examples and tips for creating engaging setups at home. This guide, rooted in Montessori principles, offers practical advice for integrating meaningful daily activities that foster independence and skill development.
$49 value

Sensorial Homeschool Curriculum Manual & Print Kit

by MindSproutPH
Get started with Montessori homeschooling without training & without breaking the bank. Includes 400+ pages of Montessori sensorial lesson guides, printable materials for the pink tower, geometry & botany cabinet, constructive triangles, trinomial cube, and more!
$149 Value

20 Sets of Nomenclature Cards 

Enhance your educational toolkit with a complimentary set of 20 beautifully designed nomenclature cards. These cards, ideal for both home and classroom use, are a fantastic resource for enriching vocabulary and conceptual understanding in children.
$180 Value

Winter Poems for Children

by Gabrielle Kotkov, Multilingual Montessori
Poems are a wonderful way to enrich children’s language skills and teach them about their culture, routine, and the world around them. This collection of twenty Winter Poems for Children is seasonal and reality-based, and offers young children the opportunity to explore rhyming, syntax, new vocabulary, and humor.
$25 Value

Grace and Courtesy Starter Pack

by Pamela Shanks
This pack features the 3 lessons featured in Pam Shank's presentation, Grace & Courtesy: The Key to Normalized Behavior:
1. Quiet, Inside Voices, 2. Choosing a Space to Sit, 3. Responding to "No" from a Friend
$15 value

Masterclasses and Webinars

Discussion about Positive discipline with Jane Nelson

by Childhood Potential Club
Positive Discipline stands out as a holistic approach that fosters mutual respect, understanding, and long-term growth. Whether you’re a parent or an educator this talk with the founder of Positive Discipline is a valuable resource to watch!
$69 Value

LiveTalk with Paula Polk Lillard and Paula Lillard Preschlack Recording

by Childhood Potential Club
Hear from two of the most influential figures in Montessori education, Paula Polk Lillard and Paula Lillard Preschlack, as they delve deep into the art of successful beginnings in Montessori education. 
$69 Value

Sustainable Parenting Masterclass

by Flora McCormick
Embark on a transformative journey with a Masterclass designed to foster calm, confident parenting. This course offers practical strategies for more joy and less stress in your family life, ensuring long-term positive outcomes.
$129 Value

Introduction to Montessori Course

by the PEACE program
A self-paced 75-minute Introduction to Montessori eCourse that focuses on equipping you with the basics from birth to six. A perfect intro for parents, grandparents, nannies, caregivers, and more!
$69 Value

The Montessori Homeschool Blueprint Masterclass

by Lynda Apostol, The Montessori Teacher™
Lynda is here when iterative Montessori courses, standardized plug & play curriculums, classroom teacher training, ambiguous guidance and unicorn promises just won't do.
Everyone tells you what to do, but not HOW. And ​​knowing what to teach is not knowing HOW to teach. Learn How with Lynda Apostol.

Take your first Montessori 0-3 Foundations Session - FREE!

by Katelynn Johnson, Montessori Mother ELC
Make your Montessori dream come true in your town! Learn about business plans, how to teach a class, all the materials you need, how to work with parents, and so much more!
Montessori 0-3 Foundation Course/Montessori 0-3 Gründungskurs *completely online, 29 July - 9 August 2024*
$50 value
The What's Right with Your Baby & Toddler is a mini-course with built in features that will ensure that you'll not only consume the content, you'll use it! Imagine having a plan to address one high-impact problem all in the time it takes to watch your favorite TV show.
$97 value

E-books and Journals

Your Family Meeting Planner

by Jeanne-Marie Paynel M.Ed., Your Parenting Mentor
Your Family Meeting Planner will help you make this essential Positive Disciple tool a tradition in your home: step-by-step instructions plus templates to personalize.
$27 value

Reclaiming Self-Regulation Ebook & Handouts

by Chip Delorenzo & Positive Discipline for Montessori Schools and Families
Dive into a guide filled with practical strategies for enhancing self-regulation and communication. Learn to manage transitions, teach Grace and Courtesy Skills, and use innovative tools like the Wheel of Choice and Positive Time-Out, all rooted in the Montessori philosophy.
The handouts include a transition planning guide, and other resources for helping to support the development of self-regulation in children.
$45 Value

#1 Tool for Parents to Stop Yelling

by Practical Life Parenting
Are you yelling at your kids to get them to listen? Grab this #1 tool for a connected (mostly yell-free) family. Become a calm, confident leader for your kids! Without loosing your mind!
$39 Value

The Inner Work of Conscious Parenting

by Laura Froyen, PhD
- Summary & Tips from each of the Inner Work Series episodes & experts.
- Journal Prompts & Exercises to get the most out of the inner work series.
- Expert Guidance as you begin the transformative work of inner healing.

Building Brains the Montessori Way E-Book

by Maren Schmidt, M. Ed.
Delve into practical strategies for nurturing self-regulation, social skills, and problem-solving abilities in children, underpinned by Montessori teaching techniques and brain development research. This invaluable resource is a must-have for educators and parents seeking to foster an enriching learning environment in line with the Montessori methodology.
$39 Value

The Spark: A Creative Adventure for Teachers Book

by Amy Williams
This fillable, digital journal is a sanctuary for teachers, a place where the art of teaching and the joy of creative expression converge. Filled with a rich array of art and writing prompts, this journal sparks inspiration, encouraging educators to infuse their teaching with innovation and imagination.
$20 Value

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What our past attendees have to say? 

I am a gestalt psychotherapist, and I have a two year old daughter. This conference was a real refreshment in my life. I received a lot of practical guidance for both private and professional life. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to attend, I believe that this also gave the power and great impact on the world level that this conference will have.
The conference was wonderful. There were many things that would help me in raising the children and I already started practicing some of them. I tell all my friends about the conference and how much it helped me solve some of my dilemmas.
MeriNorth Macedonia
This was a fantastic resource with something for all Montessorians. I would highly recommend this to friends. High quality professional development for free or at a reasonable cost.
DawnNew Zealand
I'm glad I attended, right away I noticed myself being more relaxed with my son and less caught up in what he should be doing. I'm enjoying him more, observing his curiosity and allowing him the opportunity to show me what he is capable of and interested in. It has led to greater cooperation and made the days smoother and more enjoyable. Well done!
Great way to dive into and learn more about the Montessori philosophy and practice, there is something for everyone to grow, learn and expand their knowledge.
I always get excited for these conferences. I know by the end I'm going to feel encouraged, challenged, and excited about raising my family with Montessori principles. I would tell a friend "Find a topic that interests you and listen, you won't be disappointed!"

Upgrade to the Premium Pass:

  • Early Access 
  • One Year Access
  • Private podcast feed
  • Transcripts of all presentations
  • Notes from presentations
  • Speakers’ presentation slides in PDF
  • Certificate of attendance upon request
  • Discounts from our partners
  • Plus $1700 Worth of Premium Bonuses

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