Discover how to unlock limitless potential in early childhood during our 7th online event for parents and educators of children aged 0-6

January 29 – February 2

Join us to learn Montessori Insights and Practical Strategies that ignite wonder, nurture a love of learning, and foster joyful, holistic growth

Presented by Childhood Potential Club

Discover how to unlock limitless potential in early childhood

January 29 – February 2

Join our 7th online event for parents and educators to learn Montessori Insights and Practical Strategies that ignite wonder, nurture a love of learning, and foster joyful, holistic growth.

Presented by Childhood Potential Club

The conference starts in

You’re not just caring for a child; you’re shaping the future, one interaction at a time.

It is an incredible journey filled with joy, love, and growth. However, we understand that it also comes with its fair share of challenges. The constant juggling act, the overwhelming responsibility, and the desire to provide the best possible guidance can sometimes leave you feeling uncertain and exhausted.

Maybe, right now you are…

  • Lost striving to Spark Engagement, Excitement and Love of learning in your child
    Challenged with preparing an environment and activities that ignite your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm. 
  • Not sure about navigating Behavior and Boundaries
    Managing instances of aggressive behavior or testing of limits, while balancing freedom with boundaries and discipline. 
  • Struggling to Navigate Diverse Perspectives Among Adults
    Working to find harmony among different viewpoints and styles from partners, school team members, or family for the child's benefit.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed in Juggling Diverse Classroom Needs
    Balancing individual and group dynamics, adapting to varied learning and emotional paces, or addressing each child’s special educational needs.
  • Feeling Stuck in Endless Cycles of Power Struggles
    Engaging in constant battles of wills, raising your voice, explaining or repeating yourself, only to feel unheard.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed by Too Much Information and 'Perfect' Images
    Bombarded with parenting tips and “correct” Montessori environments on social media, leading to self-doubt in your methods and choices.
  • Running on Empty
    Navigating your own emotions amidst your child’s emotional tornado, feeling drained and seeking moments of calm for yourself.

There has to be a better way!

Probably, you want to…

  • Deeply Understand Your Child's Needs
    Gain insights into the social, emotional, and intellectual drivers behind your toddler's behavior.
  • Inspire Your Child's Engagement and Curiosity
    Learn how to foster their natural love of learning, keeping them happily engaged with a sense of wonder and discovery.
  • Support Developmental Milestones Effectively
    Discover key milestones and acquire knowledge on how to nurture your child's growth at every step.
  • Handle Behavior with Confidence and Empathy
    Master effective techniques for guiding behavior, balancing freedom and boundaries in a nurturing manner.
  • Bring Peace and Joy to Your Environment
    Transform your home or classroom into a haven of peace, cooperation, and happiness.
  • Build Harmonious Relationships
    Bridge differing viewpoints among partners, family, or school teams, supporting your child’s growth in a unified environment.
  • Reignite Your Passion for Parenting or Teaching
    Rediscover the excitement and fulfillment in your role, revitalizing your approach to education and care.
  • Feel Assured in Supporting Each Child's Needs
    Address diverse emotional and learning needs, ensuring every child feels supported and understood.
  • Establish Respectful and Cooperative Interactions
    Move beyond power struggles to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation.
  • Gain Clarity and Confidence in Your Choices
    Cut through the clutter of overwhelming advice to find assurance in your Montessori parenting or teaching path.
  • Balance Your Own Emotions
    Develop strategies for managing personal emotions, fostering a calm environment for you and your child.

This is exactly what you’ll experience at the Childhood Potential Online Montessori Conference!

Childhood Potential is a free virtual Montessori conference offering Montessori strategies and techniques from world-class experts to parents and educators of children ages birth to six.

If you are a new parent or teacher, or one with years of experience, you might be looking for an introduction to these topics, a validation of your practices, or a deep-dive into Montessori principles and practices.

No matter where you are on your Montessori journey, this conference will answer your questions and deepen your understanding of Montessori principles and practices.

What to expect?


The conference takes place January 29th - February 2nd for free, with the option to buy a Premium pass for 1 year access to all the talks + bonuses.


Online! There’s no need to leave your house! People worldwide can attend this conference without the travel costs and headache over childcare and logistics.


More than 70 speakers from all over the world will share their knowledge and experience in 30-90 minutes presentations. Most of them pre-recorded and available since 9am on the conference day.

Join our amazing speakers

Our speakers are world-class Montessorians with decades of teaching and consulting experience, authors of best-selling books, international trainers and passionate parent coaches.

Be part of a community

Our Facebook group with members from all over the world becomes very lively during the conference week. You can talk with other like-minded people, discuss your experience, and ask questions.

Help us to help

We donate part of the profit to help schools that take care of children in less advantaged parts of the world. Because, as N. Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Upgrade for Premium Pass

Get 1 year access to all the video sessions, their audio version, transcripts, and notes, together with amazing bonuses from speakers and partners. You can buy the Premium pass right after the registration.

Win amazing prizes

You’ll also have a chance to win prizes by showing up and participating throughout the summit. Be sure to keep an eye out for more info in your email and in our Facebook community.

Pre-party Sessions!

The conference starts on January 29th, but the week before the conference, we will have a few LiveTalks with q&a sessions following them to cut down your waiting and answer your most burning questions!

Program and speakers

Conference lectures will be streamed online over the course of five days, on 29 January – 2 February, 2024, free to all attendees. Premium pass holders can have access to all conference lectures at any time during and after the conference.

Monday 29 January, 2024

Montessori Foundations

Dive into the rich world of Montessori theory, philosophy, and principles, and unravel the intricacies of early childhood development. This day is tailored for those eager to understand the scientific underpinnings of Montessori education. Whether you're a new enthusiast or a seasoned practitioner, this day will deepen your appreciation and understanding of the Montessori method.

Live Lecture + Q&A 6.00pm CET

Mariana Bissonnette

Live Lecture + Q&A 8.00pm CET

Lorena - nebude

Live Lecture + Q&A 10pm CET

Gavin McCormack

Dr. Cara Goodwin


Zil Jaeger

KONTROLA: Foundational Literacy Practices for the 3-6 Classroom


Pamela Shanks

Grace and Courtesy: The Key to Normalized Behavior

Joanne Kaya

Joanne Kaya

Nicole Kavanaugh

Yogi Patel

Nurturing Harmony: The Power of Montessori, Adlerian, and Positive Discipline in Routines and Order

Lynda Apostol

The Human Tendencies: a framework for Montessori Assessment

Tuesday 30 January, 2024

Prepared Environment & Activities

Discover how to create nurturing, stimulating environments both in the classroom and at home, and learn about a variety of activities that align with Montessori principles. This session will guide you through curriculum topics and practical ways to extend learning outside the traditional classroom setting. It's an invaluable resource for parents and educators striving to provide a holistic, enriching learning experience for young children, blending theory with practical, real-world application.

Katherine Sullivan

Cribs and Floor Beds: Looking at Early Sleep Environments through a Montessori Lens

Live Lecture + Q&A 8.00pm CET

Val Alino

A journey back to your heart: Connect with yourself, your children, your path, mission and dreams! 

Live Lecture + Q&A 10:00pm CET

Sylvia Arotin

Montessori on a Budget!

Eder Cuevas Iturralde

KONTROLA: The adult that the adolescent needs

Kei Ikeda &

Kasia Ustowska-Gmerek /foto

Dancing Towards Peace: The Montessori Perspective

Kristin Mariella

Are you Fighting or Riding your child’s waves of emotions?’ 

Dominique Mouthon

Running a Lean School Administration

Amanda Diekman

Low Demand Parenting for radical acceptance and connection

Kiran Paek/foto

A strategic individualized lesson plan: Meeting the needs of neurodivergent children in Montessori classroom

Sarah R. Moore

Why Peaceful Discipline is the Key to Lasting Connection and Cooperation (and Why It's Not What Many People Think It Is)

Wednesday 31 January, 2024

The Prepared Adult

Understand the critical role of adults in the Montessori setting. Engage in introspective discussions about personal growth, continuous education, and self-care. Discover strategies for self-reflection and well-being that not only enhance your effectiveness as an educator or parent but also enrich your personal journey. This day is a reminder that the journey of teaching is also a journey of self-discovery and personal development.

Dr. Joyce Pickering 

Never Too Soon: Early Identification of Learning Differences

Gabriela Trejo

The development process that parents experience in a Montessori school

Katelynn Chittenden Johnson

10 Steps to effective parent education - a guide for teachers and administrators of parent-child programs and schools

Luz Casquejo Johnson

Transformation of the Parent: Montessori Ideals at Home

Live Lecture + Q&A 5.00pm CET

Laura Froyen

Preparing the Adult through Inner Child Work

Thursday 1 February, 2024

Communication and Discipline

This day emphasizes the importance of social-emotional development, offering fresh perspectives on positive discipline and strategies to strengthen the child-adult connection. Delve into practical approaches for addressing challenging behaviors, and learn how to foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding. This day is crucial for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills and develop a more harmonious and effective relationship with children.

Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Effective Family Meetings for Peaceful Homes

Shruti Kumar

Compassionate Discipline

Aleta Ledendecker

Using Puppets to Enhance Grace and Courtesy

Heather Pratt White

The Power of Storytelling

Dona Matthews

How to Build a Relationship with Your Child to Weather Any Storm 

Live Lecture + Q&A 5.00pm CET

Michelle Tovar

Using Puppets to Enhance Grace and Courtesy

Live Lecture + Q&A 5.00pm CET

Laurent Lavollay-Porter/foto

A 360° approach to more peaceful parent-child relationships

Shamiemah Jassiem

Rewards & Punishments: Why there is no place for it in a Montessori Classroom

Amorette French

Montessori and Autism: Answering Your Questions

Friday 2 February, 2024

Empowering Communities and Looking Forward

Explore the dynamics of team collaboration in classrooms and schools, and discover innovative strategies for effective parent-teacher partnerships. This day also casts an eye to the future, discussing innovations and future trajectories in Montessori education. It's a day of inspiration and forward-thinking, perfect for those committed to shaping a better, more connected educational world for our children.

Live Lecture + Q&A 5.00pm CET


Sami Carrick

Building Early Literacy Skills

Ashley Yeh

Choosing Montessori-Friendly Books for Your Child (from Birth to Preschool)

Live Lecture + Q&A 5.00pm CET


Kayla Tychsen

Montessori for the Marginalized

Julia Volkman/foto

Stress, Resilience, and Learning

Hi, I’m Lucie.

I am your Host at the Childhood Potential Conference. As a founder of, mother of three and stepmom of two, my journey has been deeply rooted in the Montessori philosophy. My passion has led me from opening schools in Kenya and Guinea to creating the online Childhood Potential Club, all with the mission to make Montessori education accessible, affordable, and impactful for parents and educators everywhere.

Grab your ticket and join me and all the amazing experts for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you unlock the unlimited potential of your child. I can’t wait to see you there!

What our attendees say

I am thrilled and impressed with your very professional, uplifting and illuminating conference! Wow! Of course I’ve had to purchase it because there’s so much information to digest. The speakers I’ve listened to have been powerfully moving.
I am always amazed by the diversity in opinions and practices under the Montessori approach presented at your conferences. At this time I think your work has the greatest impact on the Montessori community as a whole. I thank you for your absolutely amazing work that has such a great impact on spreading Maria Montessori's message. Thank you for working so hard to include so many different voices.
100% recommended for everyone. This goes beyond being a parent, and teachers. All families should embrace the Montessori way of life. I am very glad I was mentally ready to absorb all the great talks and it was a life changing experience. I am calmer, I know better, and it gives me a whole new perspective on how I see things and even how other people see me in a matter of 7 days. The vast experience and background of the speakers were hands down amazing! Montessori goes beyond all those pretty things on the shelves.
My overall experience was amazing. Thank you so much for organizing such an incredible event. It's sooo nice to be a part of such a community and understand what the speakers are talking about and learning something new and important. I would recommend this conference to anyone who is dealing or is going to deal with children: parents, teachers, caregivers, psychologists, neuropsychologists and so on. The speakers were giving immaculate lectures and sharing important experiences with the audience.
I am blown away by the quality of speakers gathered for this series. The topics presented were imperative to a truly successful Montessori upbringing and I could not be more thankful for all the knowledge and resources shared. I feel confident, prepared, and committed to be a safe Montessori at Home parent to my almost one year old daughter. Thank you so much!
Grecia USA
The conference was wonderful. There were many things that would help me in raising the children and I already started practicing some of them. I tell all my friends about the conference and how much it helped me solve some of my dilemmas.
MeriNorth Macedonia
It was great! I am looking forward to the future ones! Thank you so much for this. I will definitely recommend this to the Montessori school I used to work for. The nuggets of wisdom here are so inspiring! It will definitely benefit children at home and at school.👍🏼
This was a fantastic resource with something for all Montessorians.I would highly recommend this to friends. High quality professional development for free or at a reasonable cost.
DawnNew Zealand
I'm glad I attended, right away I noticed myself being more relaxed with my son and less caught up in what he should be doing. I'm enjoying him more, observing his curiosity and allowing him the opportunity to show me what he is capable of and interested in. It has led to greater cooperation and made the days smoother and more enjoyable. Well done!
Great way to dive into and learn more about the Montessori philosophy and practice, there is something for everyone to grow, learn and expand their knowledge.
I always get excited for these conferences. I know by the end I'm going to feel encouraged, challenged, and excited about raising my family with Montessori principles. I would tell a friend "Find a topic that interests you and listen, you won't be disappointed!"
I am a gestalt psychotherapist, and I have a two year old daughter. This conference was a real refreshment in my life. I received a lot of practical guidance for both private and professional life. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to attend, I believe that this also gave the power and great impact on the world level that this conference will have.

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We are committed to making a difference beyond the conference room. A portion of our profits from the conference and courses is dedicated to supporting Montessori schools in underserved regions around the world. It is with deep respect and love that we proudly share some of the remarkable projects we've had the honor of supporting:

  • Montessori Children’s House, Camp Verde, AZ, USA
  • Thomas Sankara School, Dubreka, Guinea
  • Noble Sprouts of Faith School, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Maha's Montessori mission, Nizip, Southern Turkey
  • Utu Centre of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Montessori UA, Ukraine: Assisting three schools in Bucha, Kryvyi Rig, and Cherkasy amidst challenging times.