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Before we get to the payment, we have a special offer for you that will not repeat anywhere anymore!

Special Offer

Missed our last year's conference?
Only now, as part of your order, you can add to your cart also the recordings from our last year November conference! And for a very special price of 49 USD / 45 Eur!

The conference recordings are not being sold anymore.
The original price was 99 USD. 

What's included?

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This package includes unlimited access to all the sessions from our last year's ChildhoodPotential online conference - November 2020. 

  • 42 video sessions from amazing speakers! You can see Charlotte Cushmann, Frank Leto, Cindy Acker, Simone Davies, Jana Morgan Herman, Shawn Edwards, Paul Epstein, Ruth Anne Hammond, Sandra Houston, Biff Maier, Maria Eva Chaffin, Punum Bhatia, Philip Snow Gang and other amazing Montessorians! 
  • The topics covered again the age group of children from birth to 6 years of age. Plus a few talks covering elementary.
  • Plus MP3 audio versions of all the talks as bonuses.