Uncovering the Universal Potential of Childhood IV.

Online Montessori Conference

4–8 May, 2022

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It’s not too late!

You can still access the latest conference!

Did you miss some of the talks? Unable to make it to the conference? Don’t worry! There’s still time to catch up! Sign up for Standard or Premium Pass and watch any of the over 35 conference sessions - at a time that’s convenient for you

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Join the global Montessori event!

We are excited to announce the fourth gathering of Montessori leaders and teachers in a five-day event. The conference will be jam-packed with lectures from world-class Montessorians, doctors, teachers, and writers from all over the world. 

And this event is totally FREE!

  • We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality Montessori information that helps them to be a better parent or teacher. 
  • We believe in transformative potential of Montessori education
  • We believe that limited funds should not stop anyone from learning and discovering the potential of the Montessori Method. 
  • We believe that a prepared adult is a key to the Montessori Method unlocking a child’s potential.
  • We believe that this conference has the potential to change the world! That is why we keep the event FREE for everyone to join. 

Do you relate to any one of these scenarios or questions? 

  • You know that real-life projects help children consolidate their learning. How exactly these projects fit into your classroom practice? How to bring them in, and how to facilitate them?
  • Your child is having a meltdown - they cry, scream and push you away, but also keep calling you when you try to leave. How do you navigate these situations without taking it personally, shaming the kid or losing your cool?
  • Do any of the children in your classroom have a learning difference or a special need? How to be conscious of their requirements? How to identify the obstacle in their journey and not hinder their development?
  • Your classroom has children from various countries, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. You want to enable peaceful and joyful inclusion for all. How do you create a classroom culture that celebrates differences and promotes harmony?
  • Knowing multiple languages is extremely rewarding and useful in today's world. How do you teach your children another language?
  • You have heard about the ‘prepared environment’ as a means to support physical and psychological development from birth. What exactly is it about a prepared setting that makes a difference? How can you apply the theory into practise at home?
  • You want to ensure your classroom is a safe, inviting and inspiring space. But what to say and what to do when you are in the midst of it? That is a different ballgame!
  • How do you enable independence and confidence in children? How do you support the development of a lifelong learner, one who questions and analyses ideas, and doesn’t passively accept the thoughts presented to them?
  • The pandemic forced us to change the ways in which we interact, teach and learn. Now, as we move towards a ‘new normal’, should we hold on to any of our new practices? How to support learning in an ever-changing world?
  • You need some inspiration for activities and lessons that will enrich your curriculum in Language? Geography? History? Cosmic education? Music?

If you are curious about any of these questions, this conference is for you!

You could be a new parent or teacher, or one with years of experience. You could be looking for an introduction to these topics, a validation of your practices, or a deep-dive into these ideas.

No matter where you are on your Montessori journey,
we have a series of talks and masterclasses to cater to your needs.


4–8 May, 2022
of exclusive video-content
from around the world

Program and speakers

4–8 May, 2022
Conference Lectures

Conference lectures will be streamed online over the course of five days, on 4–8 May, 2022. For Free Pass holders, these will be available each day for 24 hours starting at 9am CET. Standard and Premium pass holders can access conference lectures at any time during and after the conference.
Program of Lectures

9-14 May, 2022

Standard and Premium Pass holders can participate in 14 live masterclasses that will be held in the week following the conference. Premium Pass holders will also gain access to recordings of all the masterclasses.
Program of Masterclasses

4–8 May, 2022
Conference Lectures

Conference lectures were streamed online over the course of five days, on 4–8 May, 2022. Standard and Premium pass holders can access conference lectures at any time after the conference.
Program of Lectures

9-14 May, 2022

Premium Pass holders will gain access to recordings of all the masterclasses.
Program of Masterclasses

Conference Lectures

Timothy Seldin

The World in the Palm of their Hand: Making geography and introducing mapping to the young child (ages 4-9)

Paula Lillard Preschlack, M.Ed.

The prepared environment

Gavin McCormack

The Future of Education in a Post Pandemic World

Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy

Nature makes differences, Society makes handicaps

Dr. Paul Epstein

Project-Based Learning: What is it, and how it belongs in our prepared environments

Catherine McTamaney, Ed.D.

Teaching in Times of Crisis: What Montessori Teaches Us About Hope and Resilience

Biff Maier

Transition from casa to elementary

Dr. Joyce S. Pickering

Understanding Language-Learning and Attention Differences for the Montessori Teacher

Jeanne-Marie Paynel

Welcoming Newborns the Montessori Way: Preparing Ourselves and Our Homes

Mary Ellen Maunz

Formation of the Individual and the Spiritual Transformation of the Adult

Michael Dorer

Making Grammar Exciting Using Storytelling

Heba Torad

How Montessori Builds child Belief system

Claudia Mann

Practical "Cosmic" Activities for Preschool Parents

Robin Howe

The Importance of the First Plane Experience of the Child in Early Adolescence and Adulthood

LaTania Scott

Keeping it Montessori in the public space

Mark Powell

Syncing Home and Classroom

Dr. Swati Popat Vats

Montessori and Post Pandemic Education

Karin Slabaugh

The Newborn is a Person who Feels and Communicates

Marian Cortes Brina

The Traveling Montessorian

Jacqueline Hendriksen

The story of the misunderstood child: How does your Montessori style help the child with a special question, a child with ADHD, ASS or HSP

Val Alino

VAL (VIBRATING, AUTHENTIC, LOVE). An approach to Conscious Parenting and Montessori Education"

Gabrielle Kotkov

The Benefits of Multilingualism for Young Children

Julia Volkman

Montessori Early Language & Neurodevelopment

Sylvia Arotin

Are your expectations affecting your Montessori journey?

Una Shea

Creating Beautiful Hearts - Making Music with Children from Birth to Six

Maren Schmidt

Freedom and Responsibility

Susan Shea

Prepare Yourself: How to be where your feet are, and enable those around you to thrive

Pilar Bewley

Raising a Critical Thinker with the Montessori Approach

Saniyyah Khalilallah

How to Manage a Classroom

Charlotte Snyder

Tantrums are Communication

Jennifer Varbanov

A Peaceful Revolution through Cosmic Thinking

Nusaibah Macadam

The Prepared Adult; Transforming Yourself to Support Your Child's Development

Lynda Apostol

Social Justice, Multicultural Education: Why Montessori Homeschooling is a desirable alternative

Ashley Causey-Golden

Social Justice, Multicultural Education: Why Montessori Homeschooling is a desirable alternative

Dr. Susan Zoll

Montessori and the Science of Reading

Dr. Laura Saylor

Montessori and the Science of Reading

Dr. Natasha Feinberg

Montessori and the Science of Reading

Ruth Ehrhardt

The Newborn is a Person who Feels and Communicates

Maha Turner

Transforming Lives

Kitty Bravo

New Directions in Montessori Teacher Education


Kathy Leitch

All Stressed Out! How can you possibly take care of yourself first?

Christine Lowry

Calming Children in Difficult Times

Jon Wolff and Tim Seldin

How to build a caring, trusting, and engaged school community

Jon Wolff and Tim Seldin

How to prepare for and run challenging school meetings with your teachers and/or parents when you sense many people will be upset or anxious

Kitty Bravo

Parameters of Freedom: Balancing Freedom and Responsibility in the Classroom, Home and in Society

Lorna McGrath

The "How To's" of Family Meetings

Spramani Elaun

Theming Art & The Natural World

Maly Peña

How to promote bilingualism at home?

Kitty Bravo

Hidden Curriculum - How Practical Life Develops Confident and Capable Human Beings.

Dr. Paul Epstein

Executive Function: What it is and how we can help children develop all of it

Christine Lowry

Montessori Inclusion? A model for All

Michael Dorer

Understanding Montessori's Cosmic Vision with the Cosmic Egg (2 parts)

Spramani Elaun

Managing Art At Home

"Even though I have studied this question for a long time, I am continually surprised. I understand more and more how advanced and able small children can be."


The conference is aimed at:


Parents can learn more about implementing Montessori philosophy, receive ideas for age-appropriate activities, and get inspiration for setting up their child’s work space in a Montessori way.

They can also learn how to adapt the materials they already have to follow Montessori principles and meet the specific needs of their family, child, and culture.


Teachers will deepen their understanding of children and child psychology. They will also gain new ideas for implementing the Montessori method in their classroom.

Teachers from across the globe will share how they apply Montessori method in their various cultures and countries. This will inspire new ideas for implementation across all classrooms and reinforce the universal potential of each child.

School Administrators

Though school administrators do not work directly with children, they can gain more knowledge about Montessori method to help support their teachers.

They can also gain insights to better support parents and their community.

What makes this conference unique?

It's FREE!

During the conference, the presentations will be free for everyone to watch! We believe that cost should not be a barrier to learning about the powerful potential that comes from understanding the Montessori Method.

It's online!

There’s no need to leave your house! People worldwide can attend this conference without the travel costs and headache over childcare and logistics. This conference has the potential to reach people and communities that would otherwise find it difficult to attend a typical conference.

It's cultural!

Speakers from all over the world will come together to share their expertise and how they employ the Montessori Method in their culture. Conference attendees will see the universal nature of the Montessori Method, including how it can be applied in a multitude of cultures.

It has amazing speakers

Our speakers are world-class Montessorians with decades of teaching and consulting experience, authors of best-selling books, international trainers and passionate teachers. We cannot thank enough each one of them for participating and sharing their knowledge with our audience.

Be part of a community

Our Facebook group becomes very lively during the conference week. You can talk with other like-minded people, discuss your experience, and ask questions. We believe you will find our community welcoming and helpful, with members from all over the world.

Help us to help

We donate part of the profit from the conference to help Montessori schools that take care of children in less advantaged parts of the world. Because, as Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

"We must look to the children as a vehicle for bringing change to humanity."


What our attendees say

100% recommended for everyone. This goes beyond being a parent, and teachers. All families should embrace the Montessori way of life. I am very glad I was mentally ready to absorb all the great talks and it was a life changing experience. I am calmer, I know better, and it gives me a whole new perspective on how I see things and even how other people see me in a matter of 7 days. The vast experience and background of the speakers were hands down amazing! Montessori goes beyond all those pretty things on the shelves.
My overall experience was amazing. Thank you so much for organizing such an incredible event. It's sooo nice to be a part of such a community and understand what the speakers are talking about and learning something new and important. I would recommend this conference to anyone who is dealing or is going to deal with children: parents, teachers, caregivers, psychologists, neuropsychologists and so on. The speakers were giving immaculate lectures and sharing important experiences with the audience.
I am blown away by the quality of speakers gathered for this series. The topics presented were imperative to a truly successful Montessori upbringing and I could not be more thankful for all the knowledge and resources shared. I feel confident, prepared, and committed to be a safe Montessori at Home parent to my almost one year old daughter. Thank you so much!
Grecia USA
The conference was wonderful. There were many things that would help me in raising the children and I already started practicing some of them. I tell all my friends about the conference and how much it helped me solve some of my dilemmas.
MeriNorth Macedonia
It was great! I am looking forward to the future ones! Thank you so much for this. I will definitely recommend this to the Montessori school I used to work for. The nuggets of wisdom here are so inspiring! It will definitely benefit children at home and at school.👍🏼
This was a fantastic resource with something for all Montessorians.I would highly recommend this to friends. High quality professional development for free or at a reasonable cost.
DawnNew Zealand
I'm glad I attended, right away I noticed myself being more relaxed with my son and less caught up in what he should be doing. I'm enjoying him more, observing his curiosity and allowing him the opportunity to show me what he is capable of and interested in. It has led to greater cooperation and made the days smoother and more enjoyable. Well done!
Great way to dive into and learn more about the Montessori philosophy and practice, there is something for everyone to grow, learn and expand their knowledge.
I always get excited for these conferences. I know by the end I'm going to feel encouraged, challenged, and excited about raising my family with Montessori principles. I would tell a friend "Find a topic that interests you and listen, you won't be disappointed!"
I am a gestalt psychotherapist, and I have a two year old daughter. This conference was a real refreshment in my life. I received a lot of practical guidance for both private and professional life. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to attend, I believe that this also gave the power and great impact on the world level that this conference will have.
I have been greatly inspired. I have discovered my weak areas that I need to improve. More importantly I have started applying the principles that I have learnt. A principle that has pricked my heart is that of teaching my children by modeling and this requires working on self improvement more than trying to change the child. Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful and inspiring conference.

Standard and Premium Pass

Standard and Premium Pass will make your conference experience even richer and last beyond the five days it’s streamed live! Check out the following benefits of the passes:

Access to Recordings

Get three month or one-year access to all the recorded sessions of our world-class experts. Watch the videos any time from the comfort of your home and rewatch if needed. You can refer back to a specific session when a new need or problem arises.

Downloadable audio

Learn on the go with all conference sessions converted into audio. Download them in MP3 format to your phone, music player, tablet, or computer, and listen to them whenever you want.


We cannot issue certificates to the thousands of people who are attending the conference for free. That is why we have decided to issue a certificate of attendance only for those who buy the Premium Pass and ask for it.


Get special gifts from speakers and sponsors! These include free consultations with experts, useful printables, great discounts, and exclusive memberships.

Ask questions!

You will be able to add comments and ask questions under each one of the lectures. Most of the speakers will respond personally!

Support a great cause

We donate part of the profit from the conference to help educational projects and Montessori schools in less advantaged parts of the world.


organised by Montessori Foundation

On top of that, Standard and Premium Pass holders will get exclusive access to 14 Live Masterclass sessions with amazing speakers. Each session will be around 90 minutes long with a Q&A at the end - the perfect opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge!

Free pass

In an effort to make this event accessible to anyone in the world who is interested, we are making this conference FREE. Register below to gain access to all the talks during the conference! 

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Free pass

In an effort to make this event accessible to anyone in the world who is interested, we are making this conference FREE. Register below to gain access to all the talks during the conference! 

Free Pass includes 24-hour access to each day of conference lectures during the day when they are streamed.

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We keep you data safe. Read more in Privacy policy

Registration for free is now closed

The free conference ended on 8th May 2022. The free registration is now closed. 

We were joined by 0 wonderful attendees! Thank you! 

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About the conference

Through her work, Maria Montessori found that all children have unlimited, unbiased, and profound potential through what she called the Absorbent Mind. This potential is so profound that the only limits to a child are the limits of the environment in which they live and play.  

In any environment for children under six years of age, the role of the adult is the most important. We can best aid the child by preparing ourselves intellectually and spiritually. As caregivers, role models, and guides, we will explore at this conference how to best prepare an oasis of peace for children, whether in a school, home, community, or a homeschooling family.

Our conference goes beyond just preparing the environment. It fosters an understanding of how the mind of the child works and what it needs in any culture or place.

Montessori is a powerful global movement. It can uncover the universal potential of every child around the world.

You help us help!

We pledge to donate part of the profit from the conference and courses to help Montessori schools who take care of children in less advantaged parts of the world. With deep respect and love, we are proud to present to you several projects we have chosen to support! 

Our team

The conference is organized by a team of Montessori enthusiasts, teachers and parents.

Lucie Tamasova


Lucie Hajkova

Speakers and Support

Pavlina Tvrdikova

Influencers and Marketing

Leila Smeyatsky


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