Paula Lillard Preschlack

Montessori’s Paradigm:
The Children Form Themselves

Do you want to dive deeper into the Montessori world?

Do you...

  • want to learn more about Montessori without spending time reading lengthy books?
  • want to use Montessori in your home but need a better understanding of it?
  • want to be able to talk about and explain Montessori to family or friends but need more knowledge?

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Montessori’s Paradigm: The children form themselves

hosted by respected Montessorian

Paula Lillard Preschlack

Join us FREE for a webinar with Montessorian Paula Lillard Preschlack. 

Paula has been immersed in the Montessori world for 25 years, as a teacher, Head of School, writer, and speaker. 

Now she wants to share her knowledge with you!

Here’s what the talk will include:

Paula will discuss the basis of Montessori’s approach. An approach that is based on the model that children absorb what they need from their environment to build themselves up, both physically and psychologically. 

She will also introduce the three pillars that create the framework of Montessori education: 

The Prepared Environment

The Prepared Adult 

Freedom with Responsibility

Paula will also go deeper into a variety of topics!

  • Why a little Montessori goes a long way
  • What are the most important aspects of Montessori that don't cost a thing
  • What to do if your child just isn't interested in an activity or area of study
  • Why it doesn't make sense to compare your child with others and how to embrace your child's uniqueness
  • How to start Montessori with very limited funds
  • How to approach Grace & Courtesy lessons and how to respond to violence between children
  • Why is respect for the child so important
  • How to balance freedom and responsibility
  • If the Montessori approach is suitable for homeschooling
  • How to handle starting Montessori with an older child and how to support children who are coming to a Montessori classroom at a later age
  • How do you explain the long-term benefits of Montessori education to relatives and friends
  • How can you apply Montessori in online lessons
  • How does the Montessori approach apply to children with special needs

Who is this webinar for?

If you are a parent, teacher, or administrator who would like to understand Montessori clearly enough to put it into practice and explain it to others, then this is for you.

A bit more about Paula...

Paula pours her Montessori heart into speaking and writing. She has authored an upcoming book, titled: Every Child’s Potential: How Montessori Education Fosters Essential Life Traits. 

She also consistently writes to educate about Montessori through blogs for parents and educators on her school’s website. 

Paula loves to connect with families and especially loves to help to spread the word about the amazing benefits of Montessori education. She has experience observing children from birth to adulthood through her 25 years of teaching and leading a Montessori school community. 

She is trained and certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) at the Assistant to Infancy, Primary and Elementary levels. She also audited the Adolescent Orientation with the North American Teachers Association (NAMTA). 

For 25 years, Paula taught children between the ages of 1-14 and served as Head of School at Forest Bluff School in Lake Bluff, Illinois. 

Paula can’t wait to help you to more deeply understand

everything about Montessori.

If you’re ready to meet her, sign up now before it’s too late. 

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